Tiger Lillies

‘Congestion problem? There is no congestion problem. People just drive from one hell – family – to the other – work. In between they are are glad they can spend some time on their own!’ Recently someone explained to me this view on traffic problems. Unfortunately I travel by train. It was hell last week.… verder lezen


Wilderness Traveler Bruce Parry is visiting an ethnic group in Siberia. It is the first TV program that catches my attention after a week hiking through Ireland. Parry asks the local shaman if he has a tip for him, when he’s leaving. ‘Get off of all information flows,’ he says.’ Stay in the here and… verder lezen

J.J. Cale

When it’s is piping hot you don’t need much to keep life comfortable. Cold beer, an empty agenda and a pleasant way to get around. ‘Dad, what’s the fun of cruising around in a convertible?’ It’s a hot summer day and my daughter asks me this question, when we spot a convertible for the second… verder lezen